Johnny Guitar Edwards how many Grammy’s are Needed in Nashville?

Johnny Guitar Edwards is no stranger to the streets of Nashville. “He has been seen all over this city” a record executive, director of the film “Don’t Go Until You Leave” once said.

Johnny understood when he first arrived here that success does not come easy. To was dishes at the local diner requires a tenure as a sideman for one season touring with a Grammy winner. “If you would, let’s say want a job actually working in the industry one must have a 6 year degree from Belmont University coupled with 5+ Grammy’s minimum for minimum wage”.

Johnny tirelessly pounded the music scene with his own witty brand of Tex Mex, Rock n Roll, bluesy, jazz fusiin,reggae, ska, rap, punk, folky, Bavarian Mountain Cheese whistling sings. “Hard sell in Nashville” says Johnmy, “But one must be tough to survive this business called music”

Written by;
Richard Longcox 6/30/2017