Kenner Woman Draws Controversy After Making Racial Remarks To Young Student


A Kenner woman has drawn controversy from locals after reportedly yelling racial slurs at a local student.

Fifty three year old Darlene Michaels of Laketown, found herself walking her dog, a Black Lab named Queen, near the Lakefront on Tuesday morning. According to bystanding reports, Michaels ran into a group of local Bonnabel High School graduates, socializing near the lakefront’s parking lot. Michaels says she then saw a bird that appeared to be injured laying in the grass. According to Michaels, that’s when she claims she saw one of the students, Chevas Dale of Metairie, attempt to strike the bird with a football. According to reports, the woman confronted the friends and Dale, regarding their lack of concern for the injured bird. According to reports, it is at that point when friend of Dale 18 year old Troy Ervin of Kenner commented “Aye man that dog gonna eat that bird, he’s gonna get him ” referring to Darlene’s Labrador. This statement apparently triggered Darlene, who reportedly then yelled “EXCUSE ME, NIGGER- MY DOG IS A WOMAN,” at the student. Multiple bystanders reported hearing the racial statement made by the woman walking her dog. When tracked down for statement, she denied the situation.