Kenosha artist sends message in a bottle. Gets $1M back.

Kenosha resident and local artist, Adam Markoutsis and his family went on vacation to south Florida on June 13. They had no idea that what they had planned as a nice give away was about to change their lives.
Adam and his family released a bottle into the ocean that contained a message. That message stated that anyone who found the bottle would receive an original painting by the small time artist. “When I threw the bottle into the ocean, I thought just some regular person would find it”, stated Adam in an interview today.
What actually happened was far from what he had ever imagined. The bottle floated north along the coast and brushed against the foot of magician, David Blaine, who said that it was so obscure to find a message in a bottle that he thought he was having a dream for a second. “It’s been a dream of mine to find one of these since childhood” said Blaine about the bottle. He has since reached out to Adam and instead of claiming his prize, has commissioned him for a piece that is worth $1M.