After local law enforcement and secret service finished questioning Landfair as a suspect regarding a Facebook page “So I Sit”, it was found that Landfair was innocent, and infact her co-founder Charlotte Rodriguez (A.K.A. Shea, Bae, LJ, Voy Diablo, and Rude Bitch) had been using the page since its inception to locate the LE families in order to steal their puppies and dogs, claiming it is her “gift to the world” to ensure no dog, especially puppies, are ever owned by LEO families. She was found in an underground bunker on her property where she had, no less than 100 pups and dogs. Ms. Diablo was found in the corner, rocking back and forth, shaking a pill bottle, repeating, “You’re my babies now. They never loved you.” Neighbors had been complaining of animals crying and barking, but until today, had been unsuccessful in locating them. Landfair has been released and has filed a restraining order against Diablo.