Local College Student Arrested for Armed Robbery, Drug Possesion, and Possession of Illegal Firearms

Stephen Stuckenschneider, 19, was arrested early Friday morning. Police found him in his home in Arnold, MO. Stephen was wanted for armed robbery, drug possesion, and posession of illegal firearms. When police entered the home, they stated there was large sums of money, large amounts of drugs, at least 30 illegal firearms which included an RPG and multiple types of machine guns.

Stephen resisted arrest and was tazed three times before police could get him in the back of the car. But the fight did not stop there. Stuckenschneider was able to break out of the restraints. He then jumped out of the moving police car. Unfortunately for Stephen, he broke both of his legs in the escape attempt. He was caught by the police again and was taken to prison.

Those closest to him say they never could have seen this coming. The first hearing for Stephen will be held Tuesday.

For more coverage on the story, do not look any further because the whole thing is just a joke!!! Have a great day!!!!