Local Delaware man finds bag of money

June 29th 2017
On Wednesday evening while driving north bound on route 1 just south of Dover Delaware is where , Michael Crum 39 of Townsend Delaware saw something sitting on the shoulder of the road that looked like a garbage bag of trash. He almost hit it and that’s when he decided to stop and drag the item off of the road and out of the way so other vehicles would not hit it or cause an accidents. As Mr. Crum grabbed the bag it tore and thats when he said he saw it was filled with money. He quickly closed the bag and threw it in his truck. When he arrived home he called Delaware State Police and told them the story to see what he should do. Officer John Krasinski drove out to Mr. Crum’s home then explained to him that he has not heard of any money missing and checked with other departments and they told him the same. Officer Krasinski told Mr. Crum that it was his to keep and said be careful. The amount is near 40 thousand dollars.

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