Local Dundee citizen accused of muder

When you live in a small town it’s easy to think nothing can go wrong until this crazy sombitch Chase O’Neil came to town. people suspect he was a little sketch do to the dark chlothing and morbid music he a played for everyone when he drives downtown. Chase was arrested this morning at 4:20am. Sherriff of newberg-dundee police department attempt to lure the suspect from his home but he refused to cooperate Mr oneil shouted your only doing this because I’m half minority so after an hour goes by the police finally breech the suspects home but chase was not going down with out a fight chase grab a 2 foot water bong and smashed it over one of the officers head as the second officer tries to shoot him chase does a triple 360 backflip over and behind the second officer and snap his neck the sherriff puts his revolver to the back off Chase’s head pulls back the hammer and said it’s all oger now. Mr.oneil will be facing a loooooooot of charges.