Local Federal Law Enforcement Officer Arrested

Federal Law Enforcement and Army National Guard soldier arrested for his ingenuous International Porno Company. US Marshals FBI and HSI Special Agents raided the Newark home of Mr. Anthony Teodosio this afternoon.

The United States Attorneys Office filed a criminal complaint of wire fraud. Mr. Teodosio was the founder, model, actor, producer, distributor, manager and accountant. Of a International solo porn company.

Law enforcement officials received a tip that Mr. Teodosio was the master mind of this company. Law enforcement officials said that they received multiple complaints from females stating that Mr. Teodosio refused to book them. Claiming that he was busy due to his high demand in filmmaking schedule and did have enough time to film with everyone.

Mr. Teodosio was caught at a undisclosed beach on HWY 1 south of Monterey CA. When Law Enforcement officials appeared. Mr. Teodosio was snorting Cocaine off two K-Pop strippers bottoms while they were modeling on his Harley Davidson motorcycle. Mr. Teodosio tried to escape, there was a fierce fire fight. He was able to make it into the ocean. Coast Guard officials were able to locate and apprehended him. He was in route trying to swim to Mexico.

All property will be auctioned of at regional IRS office. Please contact IRS for further information.