Local funny man busted in castle Shannon for drug possession

Local funny man Eric Weaver was caught in Castle Shannon with the possession of a large amount of cocaine and marijuana. Authorities say he was screaming obsinities outside of a dance studio saying”don’t you bitches ever sit down”when castle Shannon police arrived, Eric Weaver then ran to a home where he barricaded himself in until the police breached the door where Eric was found in the shower smoking a blunt rolled with Marijuana.. Eric asked the police if they where here for the party, and ran to a bed room in the nude and began putting a large amount of a white substance in his mouth and nose.. It took 2 officers to taze Weaver to subdue him.. Channel 11 news arrived in scene as Weaver was being led away screaming obscenities about his cat, Weaver is lodged in the acj awaiting bond.. And if you’ve read all this.. You obviously have nothing better to do with your self.. You’ve been pranked you nebby sum Na Na bitch!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚