Local Huron County Rapper ‘Adams Avenue’, Signs Recording Contract w/ Warner Bros.

Local Huron County MI. Rapper/Videographer Dillan P. Adams, better know as “Adams Avenue”, has just signed his first label deal with Warner Bros.

On June 2nd his debut album “Anger Management” dropped on iTunes and Spotify for the world to hear. The rapper originally grew up in St. Ignace Michigan living in hotels with his mom and had to find an outlet through music. At just 16 years old he started very small recording in an apartment complex with his friends and continued to progress from there.

He states that he has been in love with music ever since his father (Theodore Patrick Adams Jr.) had shown him “The Eminem Show” when he was just 5 years old. Ever since, Dillan has been in love with the rap industry. But just recently started to develop a dark and distorted sound that a lot of Soundcloud artists have been gravitating towards in 2017.

Most of you will probably read this and want to know more details of the situation. In which you’ll then find out that it is not true, and he is still in fact independent. So stop sleeping on him and support your local artists before this actually happens 😉👍🏻