Local IVC Student Charged with Assault and Battery

Alexander G. Arias was charged with assault and battery at 1:45 pm, this Thursday, 6/29/2017. Officials say Alexander was cited with a $25 fine yesterday after parking in a non-student parking area, explaining he temporarily parked just to go to the restroom. He wasn’t pleased with the news at all. In fact Mr. Arias even posted on social media, “For those in campus safety and security, that decided to fine me $25 dollars because I couldn’t hold my needs any longer even though I played it immediately, and got shitted on my day entirly when I came back to the hefty receipt that pretty much said to eat a cock and that I owe the campus money….I’m going to fuck y’all up!!!!” Mr. Arias was later seen the next day after his English class stalking campus safety and security. One of the safety officials even said, “I heard snarling and howling as I was walking down the hall in the science building. I was afraid for my life as I saw a beastly man staring at me from the shadows.” Mr. Arias was then later found beating the shit out of the security and safety officials. Pepper spray couldn’t stop him, not even the incoming police officers who then were assaulted too…..Mr. Arias had to be tranquilizer for his personal safety. One of the officers shared a statement, “He wasn’t black, so we decided not to shoot him.” Mr arias is currently in the el centro police department. More details coming soon.