Local man Known as G.W. Ninja ninja kicks his way into the record books.

Local Beaver Dam resident is in the record books for most ninja kicks in one min. The film had to be slowed down 100x to count the kicks. He surpasses Chuck Norris whom was on scene to witness the incredible feat. The man known as G.W. Ninja kicked every person in a 6 mile radius in less than a min. Although nobody was seriously injured there were some hurt buttholes. Especially Chuck Norris who said ” that is impossible and i am the impossible so it is me”. G.W. Ninja said he had been training for this his whole life and was just waiting for the right time to bring out the fury. He said as a kid he would practice kicking flying birds and hornets nest. After the hornets swarmed him he would kick each one individually never getting stung once.