Local man lead police through several counties, on high speed chace.

Local man, Cord McNeal. Former resident of Mexia Tx. Lead police on a high speed chance trough 16 County’s, reaching speeds over 100 mph. After sucsefuly jumping calco creek. Suspect Cord McNeal, wreck out on old mill re. Officer Rosco Pecole Train, of Hazard Co. Was the arresting officer Of 29,year old Cord McNeal, Suspect was arrested on 1 count of reckless driving, evading arrest, resisting arrest, and armed robbery of Hazard co. City hall, of all J.D Hoggs (Mayor of Hazard Co.) Prize artifacts. For more on this story, please visit, the your gullible as hell, and I can’t believe you believed this shit, website. Hahahaha hah…… You suck lmao