Local man mistakingly toasts big toe for Smores!

Joshua Powell, a Spokane Valley resident, accidentally toasted his big toe Friday as he was trying to cook Smores off of his new motorcycle exhaust pipes. “I got my new L.A.F. Harley pipes installed yesterday and they’re really loud. They’re very short, loud and sometimes spit fire!” said Mr. Powell said in a Facebook post. When questioned by paramedics; Mr. Powell stated, “I just figured I could make a Smore without getting off my bike, but I forgot that my exhaust is now very close to my right foot. Next thing I know … my toe is roasting!”

Local residents had contacted this news agency to inquire about the extended presence of EMS personnel at the scene. EMS personnel were quoted as saying, “Treating the toe was no real issue, but convincing Mr. Powell to let us remove the ‘smore’ from between his teeth proved to be quite difficult. ”

Bystanders reported seeing Mr. Powell growl and snarl at the paramedics every time they tried to retrieve Mr. Powell’s foot and Graham Crackers from his mouth to treat him. When questioned about this; Mr. Powell simply replied, “I was hungry. “