Local Man Swatted in Pick-Up Basketball, Pronounced Dead

21 year old Playwright employee Erick Reyes was declared dead this morning after being blocked in pick up basketball. On Monday the 29th, Reyes was going up for a layup on lifelong friend Tyler Newman, when Newman sent that shit back into his face at a blistering pace. The ball rendered Reyes unconscious, and he soon fell into a coma. Gary Stanley arrived on the scene, claiming that Reyes may have had suicidal intentions when going up for the layup due to the fact the Stanley was “in his head” and “scared” to play him 1v1. The offender, Tyler Newman, refused to make a statement to the press today, but was on scene was quoted as saying, “THAT SHIT IS BROKE LIL NIGGA”. Reyes is survived by Rich Homie Ralph and the rest of the Rich Homie crew who are mourning his passing. Ralph is quoted as saying ” oh nah”.