Local Queens sandwich hotspot closed for adding crack-cocaine in there “secret sauce”

On the afternoon of June 30, Christinas deli was undergoing a surprise health inspection. “It was a routine inspection” said the 17 year veteran inspector of new york city’s department of health.
Until he came across a chef processing the illegal narcotic in the basement while listening to o.t genesis hit song “I’m in love with the coco”
After the inspector called the police they took in the owner of the deli for questioning at the 109th precinct in flushing.
After intense interigattion the crooked store owner finally admitted to putting crack cocaine into the “secret sauce” as a way of getting customers addicted to the food.
Whitestone resident and long time Christinas customer Ryan Schwabbencocks gave this statement about how addicting the sandwich that is called “the heartattack” actually is.
“I once gave oral sex for a bite of a sandwich!”
The deli surprisingly remains open for business but no longer serves the heart attack or secret sauce.