Local Restaurant Manager arrested.

Local Restaurant Manager Stuart Rumby was arrested this afternoon around 3pm for what was an obscene and ludicrous act. A elderly man came inside his restaurant a local TacoBell located at 411 N. Pine St in Deridder, LA to order 12 crunchy tacos. After the order was recieved, the gentleman came back in to say they were made incorrectly to what he ordered. Stuart then, freaked out, started yelling and cussing at the man. He then grabbed the man and body slammed him off the front counter register area. Other local customers stopped what they were doing and went over to the counter and began enticing him to keep going and were taking bets on who would win the physical altercation. Mr. Andrews is at Beauregard Hospital being treated for several broken ribs and a broken back. 3 other customers also recieved citations for illegal gambling. When asked why he did it, he simply said “Live Mas'” Mr. Rumby’s bond is $25,000, and currently remains in jail.