Local runner caught falsifying Garmin activity

With added pressure of a run streak and his desire to increase his speed . Mr. Bolton has been running an add on Craig’s list where he is offering cash to runners to carry his Garmin durning their morning runs.
A sting operation uncovered the 2 month spree , when Mr. Bolton was seen at a La Grange Waffle House paying a runner who had just completed an “Easy 8 mile Run” . We approached Bolton , who immediately threw a coke and unfinished plate of pancakes in a ditch. He proceeded to spring into a tempo run towards New Moody lane. We lost him but found him walking on a near by sidewalk doing a video on post run recovery and how to run injury free.
Mr. Bolton seemed very upset when we reveled what we had learned about falsification of training runs. He vowed to discontinue , and we will be watching his Garmin activity closely the next few months.