Louisville Metro Police Respond To Possible Human Trafficking Ring At Doerr’s house

Louisville Metro Police were tipped by a neighbor of Doerr’s, who reported hearing “screaming and other strange noises coming from the residence day and night”.

When police arrived on the scene, they too heard the cries for help coming from what seemed like the basement. Authorities report hearing high pitched cries for help that sounded like several individuals.

Once police gained entry into the residence, they realized the screams and high pitched noises they heard WERE NOT screams of fear for help, yet screams and hoots of excitement coming from individuals in whitewater kayaking videos. We found Doerr asleep on the couch with an IPA still clinched in his hands. It seems Doerr spends hours everyday watching said videos on his tv with the audio turned up full blast.
Doerr gave this comment to reporters…”Brrrroooowwwn!!!!” We are still trying to figure out what this comment means.

Hahaha. Gotcha!