Man files lawsuit after LMPD destroys yard during pursuit

Randy Cothern of Louisville, KY has filed suit claiming LMPD is responsible for $8000 worth of damage to his lawn.

“It ain’t right,” says Randy.

“These boys should be protecting and serving, and they out tearing up my dang yard. The old lady’s tire flowerbed, lava rock, John Deere gnomes, my ‘Chevrolet Truck Parking Only’ sign all ruined.”

Randy tells Channel 23 News he’s consulted with a representative from 1-800-Ask-Gary. Channel 23 attempted to reach Randy’s attorney by phone, but got tired of listening to terrible “hold” music and hung up.

Randy says the value of his claim is based largely on replacing his John Deere gnome collection which he states “…came from that flea market down in Georgia, the one next to the Waffle House. Real American product ain’t cheap.”

Randy’s wife, Tammy, has set up a GoFundMe account until the case is resolved.