Man or Cave Man?

On June 30, 2017 what appears as a normal middle age man comes out to be a actual living caveman!
It all started when a local resident from Padre Island was preparing himself for the 4th of July weekend as he started his bbq pit and was astonished when the creature approached the fire. Local resident Mike Cauke says the creature begun to play with the fire then burned his hands as he yelled “OhhUghhOohhUghh” and ran in plead. CCPD is now on the hunt with the help of CC Animal Control in the Padre Island area. If you see this creature, do not attempt to catch it instead call 1800CCTIPS. Creature was last seen wearing a cowboy strawberry foreman hat, a striped long sleeve with some apple bottom jeans and long pointy boots, again if you see the creature do not attempt to catch it. Update: Last seen crushing cars with its butt down Mustang Island. The area is being evacuated and CCPD is on the scene we will have the update and full story tonight on channel 6.