Marshall Man Describes How He Out-Kicked His Coverage

Tom Van Beebout had the pleasure of meeting Kelly G Nichols or as his friends call him “The Man”. Kelly sat down with us and gave us a glimpse of how he phrases it “out-kicked his coverage”.

Nichols started – “I grew up on a farm in southwest MN scooping shit, feeding cows and plowing fields behind my horse. I used to take baths after my four older brother and the water was always cold, dirty and never a dry towel to dry off with. One fateful night at my last senior football game where I was the starting center at 5’6″ 138lbs, I noticed this cute blonde with the biggest set of glasses I’ve seen on anyone’s face. I knew at the time this girl was mine. I may not have been the best looking or the most athletic, but my mind was set on Cynthia Lou Rollefson. I grew up setting my mind on what I wanted and I got it. With my cunning wit and a lot of alcohol I asked her to go on a date. I think she felt sorry for me and accepted my invitation. The date went great, we had sex and I got her pregnant! She was mine forever! Little did I know I became the luckiest guy alive. We had three beautiful daughters and don’t think I ever had to change a diaper! Along with my 3 beautiful daughters came THE best son-in-laws I think could ever have ever happened ever. My week consists of golfing 3-5 times, fishing 4-6 times and then trying to make time to hunt from September – February. I just can’t get over how awesome my son-in-laws are though! With all this I have a gorgeous wife that sets out clothes for me everyday and tells me when and where to go. Without her, I think I’d still be plowing the field behind the horse.”

Kelly Nichols resides in Marshall, MN, Alexandria, MN, The Hunting Shack, and an Old Fitness Center turned Hotel for Fishermen

To speak with Kelly, call his cellphone, don’t leave a message because his inbox is full, and wait for him to return your missed call.