Neighbor Shoots Robbery Suspect

.A not so typical day in a Garden City Neighborhood when Mr. Larry Gow came home from work to find something not right in his own neighborhood. Mr. Gow noticed his neighbor was being robbed. Mr. Gow then went into his house and told his wife to call 911 and proceeded to grab his gun and came to the rescue. Mr. Gow got down on his hands and knees and crawled across the street to help his neighbor. When he finally arrived he pointed his gun and yelled at the suspects “Go Ahead, Make My Day!” The suspects laughed really hard and call Mr. Gow names and it really hurt his feelings. So Mr. Gow pulled the trigger and with 2 shots he shot both suspects in the testicles. Both Suspects fell to the ground screaming just as the police arrived. The Police took a lot of pictures of Mr. Gow standing over the suspects while they layed there bleeding to death. Policed Captain is now saying that Mr. Gow is a Hero because he saved his neighbor’s life. Mr. Gow then woke up and turned off the T.V. and went to bed