New Vine Grove Resident Arrested on Drug Charges

A brand new resident of Vine Grove, Kevin Gann, has already left an impact on the community after he was arrested early Wednesday morning when police were called to his residence in Vine Grove, Kentucky.

Gann, 36, refused to open the door for local officials, who were responding to a report of ‘loud music’ and ‘yelling’ coming from within the home.

Police breeched the door less than an hour later, only to find Mr. Gann naked with only one sock on and asleep on his kitchen table.

Authorities were surprised to find over 72 ounces of cocaine and several fully loaded semi automatic rifles and pistols.

The firearms were recovered from another bedroom located within the residence. The schedule 1 narcotics were found inside Gann’s rectum, conveniently shaped like a dick.

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