Politics: Candidate for State Senate Quits Race Amid Scandal


Pediatric cardiologist and neurosurgeon Kevin Horstmeyer is leaving the State Senate race for the Tidewater District amid a scandal that surfaced early on after he announced his candidacy. According political insiders, Horstmeyer has been accused of being “too honest” a man to hold political office.

The allegations first appeared shortly after Horstmeyer entered the race for the senate seat being vacated by long serving Tidewater representative, Senator Guy Edwards. Although he initially denied the accusations, Horstmeyer stated that he can no longer continue his bid for the coveted seat. Colleagues and patients in his local medical practice have been left stunned by the developing news. Fellow surgeon Robert Boucet came to his defense during an interview with Channel 23. “If it meant losing his medical credentials”, Boucet said in the interview, “Kevin would tell the truth even if doing so would cost him everything he has gained”. Although Boucet acknowledged his statement might further the allegations of honesty being waged against Horstmeyer, Boucet felt it was necessary that the people know who “the REAL Kevin” is.

In a statement released by the Horstmeyer Campaign, he explained that the allegations against him have created too much “controversy” in the race and have caused “irreparable damage” to his Party. “As much as I would be humbly honored to serve and represent the good citizens of Tidewater, I feel the damning accusations of honesty and integrity that sully my reputation pose an even greater threat to these citizens through the compromising of my reputation if I won the Seat. These allegations are completely false and are proof of the political trickery played out by my opponent.”

Answering to the charges of trickery, owner of Acme Used Cars and opposing candidate Pat Smear levied more attacks towards Horstmeyer. “He’s too honest! He tells the truth all the time, he’s faithful to his wife, volunteers as a first responder, and even eats the recommended number of daily servings of fruits and vegetables. How can we trust somebody like that to represent the best interests of Tidewater citizens?”.

While no date has been formally announced, Horstmeyer is expected to officially withdraw from the Senate race by the end of this month.

(Reported by: Micheal Hunt, Fake News Network)