Rush Springs Woman Visited By President

In the daily rush of things we all to often forget about the normal people who, are just normal people? Well, on Thursday, June 29, Mary Slawson got a surprise visitor!
Slawson said She saw a large black limo pull up in front of her house and several “secret agent looking guys” get out and walk around in her yard. She thought maybe she was in trouble or something bad had happened? Then she saw President Trump step from the limo and was escorted to her front door where she let him in.
Slawson said they sat and visited for about an hour while they enjoyed a Mountain Dew.
Then Trump told her that he wanted to congratulate her on being a fantastic Mother and a super fantastic grandmother! That all the work she has done to care for these children has never been in vain and that she is also a really hot grandma!
Trump then gave Mrs. Slawson a hug and a gentle squeeze on her bottom and said, “Wish I wasn’t married! I’d be trying to make you my First Lady Honey Bunkin!”
He then departed Rush Springs and went back to Washington.