Sand arrested for burnouts, due to matching tire tread

Sand arrested for burnouts, due to matching tire tread. Mitchell Sand of Saint Stephen MN was arrested from his home Thursday evening due to posting burnout pictures and videos on social media. Stearns County Sheriffs department arrived at Sand’s house Thursday at 4:13 P.M only to find Mitchell passed out with his dog, beer cans everywhere, and a 1911 45. Caliper hand gun on his lap. He was then awaken by being arrested by 8 County deputies. He is also charged with drunk in poblic, animal cruelty, and obstructing legal process for yelling things like “police brutality” “white lives matter” “fuck the police” “quit looking at my truck, it’s nicer then your house pigs!” And “I’m butt fucking all your wives girlfriends tonight! There will be a further investigation along with “Echo” the black lab was taken for a blood test due to Sand forcing her to drink alcohol!