Scania Volvo Merger

The Swedish automotive giant Volvo has today announced details of it’s merger with another Swedish commercial vehicle giant Scania.. The new partnership where Scania now own Volvo in a 70/30 stake will make these two Swedish HGV manufactuers the largest in Europe and Scania have promised to make the new Volvo FH series as successful as its own G and R series’s by incorporating their renowned build quality and innovative ideas into the struggling Volvo marque.
When asked about the success of Scania’s G and R series, Scania spokesperson Sven Shlakbladder said “G and R are wonderful” He continued “I love the way Axl Rose screams into the loudspeaker thing and the guy with the top hat is the bestest bass player ever”. Meanwhile Volvo spokesperson Jan Johnansen Smythe-Hulme said “What the fuck are you on about? No way would we ever let those shopping trolley gimps anywhere near our company and if you dont get off our land with these ridiculous claims, i will put you through the woodchipper and then feed you to the fucking pigs”.
The saga continues.