Staples Employee Charged with Murder

Breaking news in the city of Glendora California!

Staples employee Corey DeBrule, 26 was arrested early Friday morning in the city of Glendora,CA on a 2nd degree murder charge.

The altercation occurred around 9:30am when a customer came in to pick up their order.

From there witnesses say that there was a heated exchange between Mr.DeBrule and the victim which resulted in the life of the customer.

Employees of the former manager watched in horror as Mr.DeBrule attacked the customer with a 2inch box cutter and screw driver.

Sources are not sure on whether or not the two knew each other before the confrontation.
Police are now looking for any information regarding the intent of the attack on the victim.

The victim has been identified as a white male, in-between 40 to 50 years of age. Due to major lacerations on the jaw and throat, the coroner has yet to provide a physical ID.

If you have any informtion please contact the Glendora Police Department.