Study Shows Theater Goers Have Better Control Over Their Bladders.

In a recent study dated May 30 release by the University of Rockwall, TX, it was shown that regular theater goers have better control over their bladders.

Dr. Alejandro de la Costa’s studies compared 52 regular theater goers who attend theater at least twice a month to those that never step foot into a theatre. “It was shocking,” commented de la Costa, “people who attend live theater regularly are able to hold their urine function 72% more than people who don’t attend plays. ”

When asked about what caused the difference he added “I think it’s because, unlike staying at home and watching Netflix or Hulu, you can’t just pause the performance to go to the bathroom. The potential benefits of attending theatre on a regular basis far outweight the entertainment value of catching a show. With better bladder control, especially for the elderly, there will be less instances of accidents and need for special undergarments like Depends.”

While this is a prelimenary study, further research on the aged is needed but these initial results look promising.

Mark-Brian Sonna, the artistic director of MBS Productions, a small theater company located in Addison when asked for his opinion about this study stated: “Perhaps we should be changing our marketing strategy. We tell people that theatre is not just good for the soul and the mind; but now it has a health benefit. ‘Come to the theatre to control your pee’ may be a slogan we adopt.”

De la Costa said he has received and additional grant from the NIH to study the effects on bowel movements and theatre. Depending on the results this could have a detrimental effect on the incontenance industry, and be a boost for the perfroming arts industry.