Teen destroys most school property

Father of John Enrique Castañeda stated to say ” I didnt know he took my 4×4 silveraydo , he can be so slick like butter at times”. As of thursday june 29, 2017 , john said some very dangerous words that get mosy of the people in the world in trouble “fuck it”. Neighbors say john was big mad as he pulls away from home already hitting 90 on first gear. John assures that its each little tree giving 100 hp (horsepower) each. John says the moment he blacked out was when a mexican song by don Vicente Fernandez hit him and caused him to go deep and lost into his feelings. Witnesses from around polytechnic high school claim to say john pulled over next to the parking lot and was singing weird things they never heard before… as they heard it they explained it sounded like this …”I believe i can fly, i got shot by the fbi, all i wanted was a chicken wing” is all they can recall. John then panicked once he saw people were seeing his hidden talent. He then hopped in the 4×4 and went into poly field , knocking down fence by fence with his tumbhaBurros until he made it. Witnesses say he turned up a song called “cumming out tha closet” and then furiously he startes swangin burning out in poly field. Next morning the truck was found flipped over down a hill by interstate 35 . Witnesses say john made a sign on poly field stating “i like it in the ass ” and then it came to them , Castañeda had a song called “cummin out da closet” when doing it . “It all makes sense”- Says Rogelio Verga a witness of the incident.
Police are still on search for castañeda and have a bounty of unlimited zac stickers for his capture.
Will let know if further notice on more info.