Texoma Resident Wins $400,000 Judgment in motorcycle accident: Wilbarger County

Quanah Resident, Ryan Humphrey, 35 has been awarded the largest judgment seen by Wilbarger County Court system in over 2 decades. Humphrey, who was involved in a motorcycle accident in Vernon, Tx back on May 7th 2017 sued the Vernon Police Department and the City of Vernon for mishandling the case.

Along with his claims, witnesses said that the police acted irresponsibly by immediately placing blame of the accident on Humphrey without investigating or collecting evidence. Vernon Police spokes person, Sgt Matthew Foreshadow spoke to KFDX channel 3 stating that “in all rear end collisions, we fault and issue citations to the owner of the vehicle, (in this case a motorcycle) who initiates the contact, reguardless of circumstances”.

Humphrey’s lawyer Herb Finklemeyer says it was a clear case of “hurry up and issue tickets” He goes on to say that “the city of Vernon as well as many small towns across America make most of their money by issuing tickets whenever and wherever they possibly can and this was no exception”

Ryan, who was in an emergency room bed bleeding from his injuries was coerced into signing multiple citations while under medical supervision and pain relieving narcotics given to him by the doctors at Wilbarger General Hospital.

Superior Judge T. Strous award the $400,000 judgement after hearing witness testimony that Humphrey was in fact not at fault for the accident and stated angrily, “If I could give Mr. Humphrey $400million, I would!!” But then again who cares!!! Hahahaha this is a complete fake story!! Did you read the whole thing? Comment in the Facebook comment section if you didn’t or if you believed it for even a minute.