Theory Test Scrapped From 1st July 2017

Good News From The 1st July, DVLA have Announced all Theory tests will be Totally scrapped for all male learner Drivers 17 and Over, But Female Learners will still be required to sit both Written and Practical tests, plus they will be looking at adding a further 20 Questions to the Written Part for female learners. With the Aim of Raising The standed of Women Drivers in the U.K. & Ireland.
All though this may seems slightly sexiest in favour of Male learner drivers, DVLA spokesman Benjamine Dover explains, “The main reasons for these changes are males have a natural born talent when it comes to driving and find both tests pretty straight forward, so this seems totally pointless waste of everybody’s time” also adding that “The Crash Record Is sitting at a all time High Regarding women and need to stick to cooking and cleaning” , Women’s Rights Compainer, Maggy Thatcher, Has Called on Equal Rights Law 145 and Demanded they re-think this Idea, Stating they could be opening the Doorway For Court Action in the U.K.
DVLA have said this will be the Final Say on This Matter and if anyone has a complaint regarding this, should contact them Direct on 0300 546 5675.
Prime Minister Teresa Green and Phil McCracken Have Both Announced Their Full Support and Backing.