Treasure found at Mansfield Jetty!

A group of fishermen from McAllen Texas who were fishing the inland cut found an exposed dune wall that appearently collapsed with the heavy rain from the past week. They discribed what they said looked like an old clay flower pot upon further inspection they noticed it was sealed but had a crack in it, when they attempted to remove it from the ground The Vessel broke open and poured out hundreds of gold coins from what is believed to be one of the Shipwrecks from November 4, 1552, where several of the fifty-four vessels under Captain-General Bartolomé Carreño set sail from Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Spain lost heading in a storm only to meet their ill fate at was known then as Isla Blanca.
The fishermen were apprehended by Detective Paco Hertè at the Port Isabel HEB employees reported what they said were “drunk smelly fisherman”.
The group attempted to cash in the coins at the Coinstar machine. The men are charged with theft of property of the state a third degree felony. When asked what they would have done with the money one of the gentleman said I dreamed of spending it all on boats and hoes.