Trump Soon to Cancel State Housing Vouchers

Today, President Trump completed a contract with the state treasury departments excluding Hawaaii, and Puerto Rico to a formal declaration of intent to end all funding relations with housing authorities across the U.S. that were previously entered into the Housing Act of 1937(42 U.S.C.§ 1437f) often called “Section 8” agreement. The only others exempt from this amended agreement are those who have mental, physical illness or disability, and also those who are set on bedresy during pregnancy transitioning through the beginning stages of motherhood up until a year after the child is born. The president believes that this is one of the best ways to rid the country of a lot of debt instead of using the money for able bodied recipients that find it okay to simply live off of the government benefits without working or even being in an educational program. Most say this may be the best plan yet.