Tyrone man sinks ferry on day trip away!

A Co.Tyrone man has managed to sink a car ferry while on a day trip. Known locally as Eunan Kelly living in Dromore but from the Drumragh area was on a day trip with his wife and 2 children. While crossing the ferry from Strangford to Portaferry, disaster struck.
Eunan is well known for his love of boats and after a recent trip out for fathers day driving a boat he thought he had mastered the art of nautical piloting. Out walking about he saw the captain had left his perch and thought to himself he would “have a go”.
Things were going grand until he heard his 2 children and wife enjoying themselves downstairs and he looked down to see what was going on. What Eunan didnt know was that while turning around he kept a hold of the steering wheel and careered into an oncoming ferry but most of the damage was done to “his own” marine vehicle ripping a hole in the side somewhat akin to The Titanic.
Luckily for him the real captain managed to get the ferry docked and all cars and passengers safely on dry landbefore she went down.
A crowd of locals and reporters had gathered at the port but Eunan refused to answer any questions but could be heard shouting “Thats me and boats finished!!!”