Willmar woman hospitalized after son posts prank on social media causing her heart to stop.

Willmar resident, Kathryn Halldin was taken to the hospital after viewing an article on social media stating that her son had been charged in a case of reckless endangerment.
Halldin’s son, Christopher Schueler, posted what appeared to be a News release from Channel 23 that stated Schueler had been charged in a Criminal Case in Hennepin County in which he was facing jail time.
It turns out the news article was a prank that was placed on social media by Halldin’s son, Christopher Schueler.
Upon release from the hospital, Kathryn Halldin made a statement regarding her ordeal,. “I can’t believe my son got me again with this prank. He has pulled things in the past, but this time he went too far and He will have to be taught a much overdue lesson. He will be named in a civil suit that I will be bringing against him for the medical expenses and also for punitive damages. Maybe then he will learn he can’t mess with his Mom”. Kathryn later stated that she will be asking the Judge to Order Christopher Schueler to spend more time with his mother.