Willmar Woman Hospitalized. Sues Prankster Son.

A Willmar resident, Kathryn Halldin has brought a Civil Law Suit against her own son Christopher Schueler, after collapsing and being taken to the hospital due to her son’s pranks.

Halldin read what appeared to be a news article regarding criminal charges brought against her son.
The article stated that Halldin’s son, Christopher Schueler, was being charged with reckless endangerment in Hennepin County District Court.

After seeing her son’s photo and the headline, ~Willmar man charged with reckless endangerment in Strange Case of Peppers~, Halldin apparently collapsed and was taken to the hospital where she was treated and later released.

In a statement later released by Ms. Halldin, she said, My son has always been a prankster. It started when he and his identical twin brother Corey were in grade school. I would get a call from the school principal occasionally and I would give them a good talking to. But now…well, that doesn’t seem to work. So, I am going to have to teach him a good lesson. I have decided to sue my son in civil court. I will be asking for money to cover the hospital and medical expenses as well as punitive damages. I also will be asking the judge to order my son to spend more time with his mother, that should teach him”.

This should be an interesting case.

At the time of this report, Ms Halldin appears to be in good health and states that her blood pressure is back to normal, for the time being.