Young Neurologist saves life with attention to minute details.

The thought was that being a clinician and relying on accurate data gathering and physical examination was a lost art. Not for Dr. Mohammed Qureshi, senior Neurology resident in Louisiana. Dr. Qureshi, while not even on service, dedicates his time to keeping a close eye on the entire hospitals Neurology patients. What he considered a pastime, would end up keeping a family together forever.

Dr. Qureshi had noticed a slight trend downward in pulmonary testing by respiratory therapists. To most, no need to worry, but Dr. Qureshi has proven not to be like most physicians. β€œThe story did not seem to support any one particular pathology. Utilizing my training in neurological emergencies and my exposure to high acuity patients, I did what I was taught.” Dr. Qureshi, also known as Aali, did not take comfort in the fact that this patient was located in the end of the hospital hallway. He arrived in the middle of the night following his Ramadan pre-dawn meal to find the patient is respiratory failure. The patient was subsequently put on a ventilator. Dr. Qureshi states that he believes it is the blessings of the holy month if Ramadan that gave him the wisdom and initiative to act.

Everyone who has spent the past few years training Dr. Qureshi has agreed that his dedication to his patients is second to none. He is revered in the entire Ochsner medical community for his compassion and hands on involvement. Having not even completed his training, he is evolving into a humanitarian, said Neurology Residency mentor Dr. Posas.

β€œAll praises to Allah, the Almighty. I am just a vessel for his work.”