Youngest Member Ever Admitted to MENSA

Caythorpe England

MENSA announced today that they have admitted the youngest member in their seventy one year history.

Genevieve Tope was admitted to the prestigious group after completing an extensive testing review and confirmation process.

“We discovered her quite by accident” says Dr John Higgenbothem MENSA North American Director of Admissions. “One of our board members met her playing golf when she let him know he was putting out incorrectly.” She later also showed him how to correctly eat a hotdog.

Dr Higgenbothem also added “We were so impressed with her that we decided to test her and were we surprised. Her scores were the highest we’ve ever seen.”

Kelly Tope her mom says “we’re so used to it we didn’t even notice.”

Future plans are to send her next month to San Jose for her TED talk on the dynamics of comparable flavoring between Dairy Queen and Ritters Custard.

Barnaber Snerd
Washington Post