Youngest winner in the work of lottery

On the day of June 21, 2016 a security guard at Kroger decided to put in 2 dollars in a lottery scratch off dispenser. At 2:35pm He chose the scratch off “Jumbo Bucks” the highest prize you can win is $500,000. When he scratched the bar code and scanned the ticket and the machine screamed that he won $200,000 dollars!!!! He didn’t believe it at first so he took it to the scratch off to the guest Care and money services where the customers take all their tickets to see if they truly won! The machine also yelled, “We have a winner of $200,000!!” Alex was so excited and so pumped that he won and was jumping for joy! We asked him, “what he would do with his money?” He said, “NOTHING CUZ THIS IS A JOKE!!!!!!!”