A local waitress at Zino’s Greek and Mediterranean Restaurant Slaps Vegan Customer

Dawn Goo, a waitress at Zino’s Greek, does not like vegans, she loves them! On Sunday morning, Ima Charleton decided she wanted Greek Cuisine, so she ventured over to Zino’s on N Mesa.

Right before opening the door, Ima was viscously attacked by a flying squirrel. In her weakened vegan state, Ima offered very little resistance. Luckily for Mrs. Charleton, waitress extraordinaire was on duty, and rushed out of the establishment to lend assistance. Customers could hear Ms Gooy yelling at the squirrel that it’s victim was a vegan, making any possible bite, dangerous, and unhealthy to the squirrel. Shocked, the squirrel stopped, thanked Ms Goo for her quick, and decisive actions, then retreated.

With the day saved, and the squirrel on to other prey, Mrs. Charleton was able to dine in, and enjoy her entree of ice cubes. The city of El Paso is giving Ms Goo an award for her heroic behavior.