Bigfoot sighting in Lisbon, CT

Saturday evening began like any other for John and his wife Mary.While eating dinner on their back deck, they could not help but notice a foul smell in the air.It was so bad that Mary insisted it was coming from the neighbors garbage and chose to finish dinner inside.What seemed liked only seconds later, and what John Dempsey can only describe as a large black ape ran across their backyard with a orange cat in its grasp. He yelled to his wife to grab her phone and take a photo.After searching the perimeter on Round Hill Court Road Police have asked all surrounding areas to please keep an eye out and cotact your local law enforcement.Small animals and children should not be left unattended. John and Mary ask that if you happen to smell something “foul” please realize that YES..something surely stinks. Its Most Likely This Story.
Gotcha Lynn Paquet!