FSW To Split Up Newest Tag Team Before Summerslam?

Tonight andoman reigns has been officially suspended from the BBPL, after causing multiple scenes. Andoman has also failed 2/3 USADA tests in the last few months. Andoman has had a lot of history the last 3 years being involved with suspensions and even terminations.

So now you ask “Okay that’s the BBPL why does it effect the FSW?” Well let’s break it down in a few sentences. Don made andoman sign a contract stating that if he had any slip ups with the law, or caused any problems in any promotion in New England, then Don could cancel the new team angle with approval from head office.

Don said in an interview after the team made the roster officially as a tag team that “I am not willing to ruin any momentum I have right now. If Andy can’t stay clean I am not afraid to shut the program down. I told Andy I’m not giving him any chances with this one we have something big going on he needs to be 100% invested and focused, or he will have to go back to the mid card scene. And we all know he will suffer there alone.”

Don got the news and immediately called Tommy and head office for a meeting about this situation. Andy has been on the radar for a while now it will be no surprise to see Don move on from this Tag Team that hasn’t even debuted yet. Nothing is official but all we know is Don is pissed on his way to HQ to work on the latest andy issue.

WILL we see these guys debut as a team? With summerslam a few weeks away they’ll have to find an answer to the solution soon.