Indiana Legalizes Marijuana

After 2 and 1/2 years of medical research, Indiana government officials have passed the bill to legalize Marijuana in Indiana. Dispensaries and clinics will be opening in October of this year and begin taking new patients. There are many medicinal reasons for medical marijuana in the state of Indiana as explained by Dr. Reginald Vanderhough, a medical scientist at Indiana State University. Our surrounding states have all agreed to legalize marijuana and the use of THC products for medicinal reasons only and have given patients that are in need of this drug a medical card that will cover various types of marijuana and THC products. β€œIt works like an insurance card” states Dr. Vanderhough, all they need to do is present it at their local dispensary and they will have a choice between hundreds of products but will be limited to the amount of purchases they can make within a certain time. More on this story tonight on Fox News!