Josh Baron wins hottest 11-12 year old of the year

Josh baron recently applied for this category and it was an upset but after seeing his well built body and his amazing eyes we find that he fits perfectly for this categorie and he will be offered a job to work with female models in sexual magazines. We feel that blonde woman in their twenties are more professional for josh and his hair has been rated 12/10 meaning he is currently the hottest man on earth. We are trying to find a woman hot enough for him to get more views but josh is the best we have seen throughout all history. This was uploaded today July 30th.
Josh applied for this on june 18th and his dad and him were the only ones who knew about it. His mom does not even believe it and his brother was voted second cutest baby in his building right behind his 9 year old sister ava baron. The information about his brother and sister is incorrect but josh made us put it in for us to talk about him. There are no images of josh on google yet because of his private life and he wants privacy and so far we are the only news channel to talk about him but there may be more information later on. Next up we have a mom who goes by delon who has used her phone so much she used up all her data in one day!!!?