Superbooth: Behringer Polivoks Mini is real, Actual prototype spotted at Berlin synth show, Superbooth

Rumours have abounded regarding Behringer’s recreation of classic synths, but now, for the second time, we can confirm that the rumours are true. The Behringer miniature copy of the Soviet “Polivoks” does indeed exist and it does work. The synth features USB MIDI, plus 5-pin DIN MIDI for Input and Thru, a decent amount of CV control, which is especially welcome among the Superbooth crowd. It should cost an astonishingly low $199 but as yet is a few months off reaching stores. For more information about the features of the Polivoks Mini, look no further than our recent review of Moog Music’s reissue of the Minimoog Model D. The Model D news follows news that Behringer will also release a six-octave, 24-voice version of the Deepmind 12, called the Deepmind 24. The only difference between the 12 and 24 being the number of voices, the smaller keyboard and the lack of built-in wifi. It also has smaller controls, so that they can all fit on the front panel. It will cost $1699 and is already in mass production. The company have also revealed a desktop version of their Deepmind 24 polysynth, costing $1899. Availability is similarly imminent.