WikiLeaks to Release Private DM’s via Twitter Between Trump and Putin Reveal A Love Affair

Donald Trump has been getting a lot of heat over his alleged ties to Russia. He might not be responsible for Russia’s involvement with hacking the election, but WikiLeakes say they have the real dirt on a steamy sexual relationship that has been going on between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin via Twitter’s direct messaging. Johnathan Peltinskelper who is a representative of WikiLeakes and chooses to use a fictitious name for this article says he can’t believe how much sex is going on between these two with just 140 characters. The question remains, what will happen to Donald Trump and his Presidency once these messages are leaked to the public on Monday July 10th, 2017? Will he be forced to resign. Will he and Putin end their love affair? We’ll have to wait and see.

Reported by Elrick Dee Fullmerman (Associated Press)