A recent bust turn’s up dangerously laced drug’s

In a recent Ice bust officer’s seized a large amount of various drugs and U.S. currency. Nothing out of the ordinary with the continued spike in drug abuse. What made this bust different officer’s said apon entry they observed suspects cutting there product. After further investigation and lab testing it was found to be Haloperidol. Haloperidol also known as Haldol is a antipsychotic used in the treatment of certain type’s of mental disorders it can also be used to control Tourette syndrome. Police cheif say’s this is very scary and could very well explain the recent spike in violence and uncontrollable behaviour in subjects while being detained. Many have had to be taken to the emergency room and even hospitalized in behaviour center’s. Police are warning drug user’s to be aware with all the diff agent’s being used today it just isn’t safe. It could cost you more then just your freedom these day’s it could cost you your life.