Josh Baron The Healer And Killer

Josh baron latest news is that he killed someone. The girl was all over him cause he is smokin and he rejected her. She was so heartbroken her heart actually broke and she died. But his hottness then saved her cause he kissed her and she came back to life happier than ever. He then rejected her again sending her to the hospital cause of a heart attack. She died but he saved other people to with his hottnes. People are now obsessed over josh
Baron and he is gangstar now. He is still a virgin. He is saving the good stuff for one lucky girl I guess? Subscribe his youtube channel JAB. This is a preview of his rap.

They call me JAB cause I’m a hit I’m like Jake Paul
Except for no one knows me yet I’m not proud of it.
I just started my channel u should come and watch it
Always plug Ovey told me that I know him
He my boy he be going at it till 06. This will be a world senssastion hit.